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Since Alpine’s founding in 1967, our products have delivered rich, deep, satisfying sound to motor vehicle cabins. They have won the support of drivers and automobile manufacturers all around the world. 
But our market environment has now changed dramatically, due to the rapid spread of the iPod®, mobile phones, and personal navigation devices (PND). Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and improvements in basic vehicle functions through the increased use of electronics have also contributed to making product development more demanding and complex. Car audio and navigation systems that were once standalone units have become the core components of integrated systems. 
Surveying the automotive industry, we see companies investing heavily in the development of hybrid and fuel cell-powered vehicles. Steps to make the industry more environment-friendly have become urgent issues. Alpine is no exception. By making our products lighter, we contribute to improved fuel efficiency. Our car navigation systems promote more efficient and ecological driving by minimizing the travel time loss of being stuck in traffic jams. 
Confronted with these major transformations in both market environment and product development, Alpine has moved quickly. Not only are we working to create vehicle cabin environments that make driving a greater pleasure, we are also contributing to a safer and more secure as well as increasingly mobile society. Our mission is to be, in every sense, the “Mobile Media Innovation” company.

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