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The Founder: JBL started with J.B.L. – James Bullough Lansing. An obsessed and possibly manic-depressive genius, Lansing invented practically everything he could – even his own name.

He was born James Martini on January 14, 1902, in Macoupin County, Illinois, to Henry Martini and Grace Erbs Martini. Macoupin County, located north of St. Louis, was farming and mining country, and Henry Martini was a mining engineer.

His son (the ninth of the Martinis’ fourteen children) took after him. Engineering and machinery fascinated young James. It’s said that around age 12, he built a small transmitter that put out a signal strong enough to disrupt a local radio station.

James attended middle school and high school in Springfield, Illinois, and took courses at a small business college there, but he never got a formal degree in engineering. At some point in his young adulthood, he added the middle name of Bullough (after a family he knew in his late teens) and – for reasons that seem lost in the past – changed his last name to Lansing.

He spent the early 1920s as an auto mechanic. After his mother died in late 1924, Lansing moved to Salt Lake City. The town apparently had work for an ambitious, driven young man who knew and liked electrical machinery, and Lansing became an engineer at a local radio station.

But he wanted more. Not long after arriving in Salt Lake City, he founded Lansing Manufacturing Company to build radio loudspeakers. Soon thereafter, he found a businessman named Ken Decker to run the financial and marketing side of the business, and Lansing settled in to concentrate on technology.

The south-western United States’ centre of electronics manufacturing wasn’t Salt Lake City, though. It was Los Angeles. Lansing moved his company there in early 1927.

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