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Zapco DC 501

Zapco DC 501
Merk: Zapco
Kode Produk: Zapco DC 501
Ketersediaan: Ada
Harga: Rp7.150.000
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Zapco DC 501

Mono, 4 ohms: 1 x 350 Watts , Mono, 2 ohms: 1 x 500 Watts, T.H.D. + Noise: <0.017% @ 4 ohms.



Mono, 4 ohms: 1 x 350 Watts 
Mono, 2 ohms: 1 x 500 Watts
T.H.D. + Noise: <0.017% @ 4 ohms.

  • SymbiLink™ Balanced Inputs
  • On-Board, Full Function DSP
  • Intelligent Rail Voltage Control
  • Plays from ½ ohm to 4 ohm Stereo Loads
  • USB Input for PC Control
  • Optional DRC-SL In-Dash Remote Control
  • Optional Digital Programming Network
  • Ducted Flow Cooling
  • ZAPCO EHVC Output Circuitry
  • Heavy-Duty, High-Current, Insulated Terminal Blocks
  • Space Saving Flush Wiring Connections
  • Heavy-Duty Mini ANL Fuse
  • Gate Drive Boost Circuit
  • High-Current Bipolar Outputs
  • Optically Isolated MOSFET Power Supply
  • Quality ZAPCO construction
SymbiLink cables allow you to connect ZAPCO audio components and convert a standard unbalanced audio signal into the fully balanced domain usually only reserved for the type of expensive professional equipment found in recording studios or at your local concert venue. With this type of cabling in your component system it virtually becomes immune to electrical interference in the surrounding environment and much less susceptible to signal degradation over long cable runs. It is for this reason that balanced signal cables are common in professional or industrial applications. ZAPCO has made this technology available for your car. ZAPCO engineers also discovered that a significant amount of low frequency distortion was caused by the pulsating DC current in the automobile chassis, and amplifier power wiring. ZAPCO's balanced SymbiLink technology completely eliminates this distortion.

Download manual: click here


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