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Zapco DC-364

Zapco DC-364
Merk: Zapco
Kode Produk: Zapco DC-364
Ketersediaan: Ada
Harga: Rp8.250.000
   - atau -   

4-Ch. 360 Watt Amplifier with advanced DSP functions, Zapco Digital Programming Network (DPN) to control gain, input mode, crossover mode (from 6dB/oct. to 36dB/oct.), crossover slope, Parametric VSE Equalization (Voltage Sensitive Equalization), bass gain, time delay, 45° steps phase, speakers level input, USB Input. Zapco's voltage rail management circuit for stability from 4Ω down to below 1Ω

The Zapco Digital Processing amplifiers and the Zapco stand alone processor are back. Same great sound, same clean Zapco power, same stealth fighter looks. What's changed? We've added a boatload of fresh processing power and improved the control program. The new DPN is easier to load and use and the hassles of loading drivers are gone. Just drop the new system onto your desktop and go. And here's what you'll find: First, the new DC series takes speaker level inputs as well and preamp inputs, so hooking up to a factory system is now a breeze. Not only that, but it will sum the channels as well if need be. Of course the amps have a full DSP on each channel. And on the Stand-alone DSP-Z8 we have added 2 more channels so you can run an active 3-way system and still have a subwoofer output. The crossover now runs from a shallow 6dB/Octave to a steep 36dB/Octave. Signal delay resolution has been increased so you can now adjust down to under 3mm. Phase can now be adjusted in 45 degree steps. Muting, either by single channel or by channel pairs lets you hear one channel at a time. VSE Voltage Sensitive Equalization is a fully parametric EQ band that can be set to engage at a preset signal voltage. This is great for factory integration. If your car changes the system response at a given volume you can set the VSE band to counteract the factory and keep your flat responses just like you tuned it. Like we said, a boatload of improvements.

Channel 4
Max Power 360 Watt
Power Amp (RMS) 4Ω 4 x 50 Watt
Power Amp (RMS) 2Ω 4 x 90 Watt
Power Amp (RMS) Bridged 2 x 180 Watt @ 4Ω
Amp. Frequency Response 6 Hz - 30 KHz
Dimensions (mm) 492(L) x 180(D) x 60(H)


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