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Zapco DRC-SL

Zapco DRC-SL
Merk: Zapco
Kode Produk: Zapco DRC-SL
Ketersediaan: Ada
Harga: Rp1.800.000
   - atau -   
Full on-board DSP is a wonderful function, but only if you can control it. ZAPCO® provides 2 forms of control. First and quickest is through a PC with the ZAPCO® DPN program. The other is through the DRC-SL in dash Programmer/Display. Realistically, a PC will not be available at all times. The DRC-SL puts full control of all DSP functions right in the dash for 27/7 programming access.

The “Joy Stick” type control allows you to navigate through the network to access control of individual amplifiers in a system, and also to access all DSP functions with a right/left tap. Once you select the function you adjust values of the functions with an up/down tap. All settings and functions are displayed on the top two lines of the Graphical LCD Display and the bottom row has continuous prompts for the current setting so you never have to look for a manual to jog your memory.


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