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Zapco DSP6-SL

Zapco DSP6-SL
Merk: Zapco
Kode Produk: Zapco DSP6-SL
Ketersediaan: Ada
Harga: Rp5.250.000
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Zapco DSP6-SL

For those who don?t have DC Reference Amps, but still want the sound processing versatility of ZAPCO® Digital programming, we offer the DSP6-SL.
The DSP6-SL is a 6-Channel Digital Processor that provides Crossover, Equalization, Q-Bass and Time Delay for each channel. The channels are processed by six discrete processors which can be adjusted in stereo pairs, or individually, to meet the demands of each installation. The DSP6-SL uses three SymbiLink? connectors for the main analog inputs and also has an optical digital input. For an auxiliary analog source we have also provided a set of 2 channel RCA inputs.
The DRC-SL does not come standard with the DSP6-SL, its is sold seperately The unit is also DPN compatible so you can add it to a ZAPCO® DC Reference system for even greater sound field control.
And there?s so much more. More than we can discuss here, so ask your ZAPCO® Dealer for a demonstration.
Quality ZAPCO construction

Each ZAPCO DCS amp features a USB input. This allows a PC to be hooked directly to the amp to set all functions. All functions can be set as stereo pairs or as individual channels. These DSP functions include:

1 - Output and input Gain
2 - Input mode: Rt, Lft, or Sum Mono
3 - Crossover mode: High Pass, Low pass, Band Pass
4 - Crossover Slope from 6 - 24dB
5 - Q-Bass Equalization
6 - Network Node Position
7 - Time Delay by both time and distance
8 - 10 bands of Parametric Equalization per Channel

Also available, is a half DIN controller to allow the settings to be made from the drivers seat without a computer.

This allows you to set all functions of all amps in a system right from the driver's seat so you know how each adjustment affects the sound as you make it

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