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Brax IPC 1.000.000

Brax IPC 1.000.000
Brax IPC 1.000.000
Merk: Brax
Kode Produk: Brax IPC 1.000.000
Ketersediaan: Ada
Harga: Rp4.300.000
   - atau -   

Brax IPC 1.000.000 ( Capasitor Bank )

High-end Power Cap with digital voltmeter and integrated Power Tester.

The Intelligent Power Caps from BRAX are an impressive example of what can be achieved in high-powered car audio systems with the combination of exceptionally high capacities and smart electronics. From the most subtle voltage fluctuations to the extreme loading peaks that result from low bass tones, the Intelligent Power Caps efficiently compensate for every power variable. The result from the smart electronics is improved amplifier performance and a high in car audio sound quality.

High-End Power Cap with digital voltmeter and integrated Power Tester

  • Higher amplifier output power
  • Digital voltage control
  • Integrated 7-LED power tester
  • Constant current charge control
  • Incorrect pole connection protection with digital readout
  • Over-voltage protection upwards of 17 Volts
  • Automatic turn-on
  • Vibration protection
  • Minimum internal resistance <0.9 mOhm
  • Easy and fast installation
Capacity 1.000.000 μF
Diameter 75 mm
Length 282 mm


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