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Harmonix Hijiri

Harmonix Hijiri
Merk: Harmonix
Kode Produk: Harmonix Hijiri
Ketersediaan: Ada
Harga: Rp38.000.000
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Unprecedented Signal cables


HGP-RCA Unbalance, HGP-X Balance cables


聖HIJIRI stand for a maestro or great leader, and in engineering field, it is unprecedented technology stand alone in the industry, is a new name for cables and cords we design. All cables and cords we design on and after will be 聖HIJIRI brand.
聖HIJIRI “Million” – a long anticipated and waiting by music lovers around the world – take a place of Harmonix Golden Performance signal cable that had been acquired the highest admire by discerning audiophile in high end marketplaces.
聖HIJIRI “Million” is a very thorough signal transmission cables in perfect tonal balance, rich information, dedicated musical nuances that most of signal cables in the market is hard to perform. Vocal reproduction is very natural and lifelike in emotional touch by getting the body and harmonic decay properly integrated. Reproduction of String instrument and percussion has impact, does startling articulation and delineated with beautiful timbre and portrayal.

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